Ferry Ride to the Sunshine Coast

We receive a lot of inquiries about the ferry ride and what it takes to get to the Sunshine Coast.
For those of you who have not had the pleasure of the trip, here's a good look at what it is like!

Picture of one of the ferries servicing the west coast

The 40 minute ferry ride between Horseshoe Bay and Langdale passes through some of the most beautiful scenery here on the west coast.

The ferry has a cafeteria featuring eats from BC's own White Spot along with other treats and drinks, a kids play centre, arcade, rooftop sitting area, and lots of indoor seating.

It travels around Bowen Island, between Gambier and Keats Islands, and lands in port between Langdale and Gibsons.

When reaching the Sunshine Coast, you can choose to head straight and take the bypass which leads directly to upper Gibsons and the highway to Sechelt, Half Moon Bay, Pender Harbour and beyond.
If you want a more scenic route, hang a left when exiting the ferry and take lower Marine Drive through Grantham's Landing and arrive in lower Gibsons in about 5 minutes. There you can find local shops, restaurants and coffee shops as well as Gibsons Marina and the government wharf.

Keep a lookout for further articles where we will feature more locations on the Sunshine Coast such as Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Langdale, Davis Bay, Sechelt, Half Moon Bay, Pender Harbour and Egmont!