Design Tip - Balance!

As in most aspects of life - BALANCE is so important. A well balanced space will create a sense of comfort and could entice the Buyer to choose your listing over a competing one. Choose furnishing pieces that offer texture and interest. Create impact simply and inexpensively with new throw cushions, drape cozy blankets and change out carpets and rugs for new, fresh contemporary ones. Balance your furniture pieces to create excitement. Placing a sofa next to the wall can be fine, but consider pulling it away from the wall or changing its orientation. Avoid boxy edges in your living room which can make the space feel smaller or old fashioned. Get creative! Try angling pieces - even a bed in a small bedroom can be angled to make the space feel larger. With rooms that are impossibly large, try creating different purposes and areas within the room. If this all sounds easier said than done we are here to help! We love staging and getting our creative juices flowing to bring a house to market is what we do best. We also work with clients own furniture to create new sellable and exciting looks. We look forward to hearing from you.