Hidden Gem: The Sunshine Coast

If you are seeing access to beaches everywhere, local businesses that often greet you by name, world class hiking and mountain biking trails, and you took a quick, scenic ferry ride recently, you are most likely on the hidden gem known as the Sunshine Coast.

This hidden gem is not so hidden as it is just outside of the Greater Vancouver area and can be reached by a short 40 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.

It spans from Howe Sound all the way up to Powell River with locations such as Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Davis Bay, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Pender Harbour, and Madeira Park along the way.We have hiking trails all along the coast with creeks, waterfalls, and lakes at your fingertips.SunshineCoast-hiking  
There are enough restaurants and bistros here to match every palette.While you are visiting, stop by any of the local shops or markets and truly get a feel for what life is like here on the Sunshine Coast.Add a trip to the Sunshine Coast to your itinerary this summer and come check out the coast lifestyle!