When you're on the Bus but you can't get on the Bus!

Fun Fact: The public bus service in West Vancouver, known locally as the Blue Bus, was founded in 1912 and is one of the oldest continually running municipal systems in North America.
So I'm waiting (this is Ann btw) for the bus the other day and it pulls up. Only I WAS ON THE BUS AND COULDN'T GET ON. No, this is not one of those clever CEREBRAL MIND TWISTERS.... Wait - It actually could be! I should have prefaced it differently. Anyway the bus was FULL and I couldn't get on. No jostling was going to get me to where I needed to get  any faster. Also the giant personal advertisement, would not have helped any elbowing! Joking aside, apart from the obvious environmental benefits, it is quite liberating to take the bus and not stress about parking and meters etc.