Can you name these styles of architectural Columns?

Architectural features classic columns

We'll call them post modern Doric inspired. Read on and see if you agree our description from 735 St Andrews Rd, West Vancouver.
Architectural columns, distinguished by their unique styles, serve as both structural supports and captivating design elements in elegant homes. The Doric column, inspired by ancient Greek architecture, boasts a plain, fluted shaft and rounded capital, radiating strength and simplicity. Ionic columns, marked by scroll-shaped capitals, introduce a delicate sophistication with their slender fluted shafts. Corinthian columns, the epitome of opulence, showcase intricate capitals adorned with acanthus leaves, conveying luxury and refinement. Tuscan columns, rooted in Roman design, feature unadorned, smooth shafts and simple capitals, providing a rustic elegance ideal for various interior aesthetics. Composite columns, blending Ionic and Corinthian elements, offer versatility with acanthus-adorned capitals, making them suitable for diverse spaces. These post-modern columns, both decorative and functional, serve as sophisticated elements that transcend traditional boundaries, contributing to an interior where the marriage of classical grandeur and contemporary design principles is expertly curated.
Each column style contributes a unique character, allowing homeowners to infuse their spaces with timeless beauty and classical charm.